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Kodex : Nutzungsbedingungen
Code of conduct for users of the SIP ScooterBase

The following rules are binding for all users of the SIP ScooterBase. They apply to all uploads of pictures and files, text entries as well as for the handling of data that are accessible through the SIP ScooterBase:
  1. Users of the ScooterBase agree to use respectful terminology and treat each other in a polite manner. Therefore, it is not allowed to point out users of the ScooterBase in a negative or demeaning manner or otherwise ridicule other users.
  2. All entries that violate applicable law are not allowed.
  3. Every user of the ScooterBase is personally responsible in all respects for any sort of entry (data, information, pictures etc) and the results from such an entry.
  4. The user is only allowed to post content that is either common knowledge or content of which he owns the rights. For any publication of content that relates to third parties, previous approval by the affected third party is necessary.
  5. Commercial or political advertisements are not allowed.
  6. Any publication of racist, violent, politically extremist, sexist, discriminating or otherwise offensive content is not allowed. The same applies to content insulting, libeling, threatening or verbally decrying other persons, ethnic groups or religious denominations.
  7. Nude pictures, pornographic motifs as well as pictures containing physical or sexual violence are not allowed. The same applies to pictures of victims of violence, victims of war or natural catastrophes as well as to the use of unconstitutional symbols, pictures glorifying violence or pictures displaying acts of war.
  8. It is not allowed to manually or automatically read out, save, edit, alter, forward, commercially use or otherwise abuse data for the purpose of data acquisition without previous approval.
  9. It is not allowed to set up user profiles for the purpose of reading out, saving, editing, altering, forwarding or otherwise abusing information.
  10. It is not allowed to use or spread viruses, links, programs or other processes.
  11. Technical attacks aiming at altering, abusing, deleting or otherwise damaging complete or partial data of individual users are not allowed. The same applies to any form of technical attack on the platform or the database of the ScooterBase.
  12. Any infringement on the code of conduct of the ScooterBase will result in a warning for the user, a temporary or permanent blocking of the user account or a deletion of the account.
  13. A user profile that reflects any other than the real identity of the user will be deleted without prior notification or warning at the first infringement on the code of conduct.
  14. SIP Scootershop reserves the right to delete a user profile after a gross infringement on the code of conduct immediately and without previous notification or warning.

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